River Litter

An indie-game inspired by an exploration of the Unity engine.   


A demonstration of skills learned in Xcode, River Litter was designed as a top-down, 2D mini-game within an app that combines themes of sustainability inside of a local setting.


Alan Xu                        Developer
Christian Ignacio        Project Lead

Yuyu Dai                      Developer
Chi Tran                       Visual/Sound Design
Max Tan                      Developer



Autumn 2018

GitHub/Project Site



This project was my first foray into game development, and it all started with a single pitch. We wanted a mobile game that provided enough of a challenge, had a functioning mechanic with an emphasis on speed, and possess a meaningful theme. There were three main aspects our team had to work on simultaneously in order to make a working project within the time frame we had:

  1. Design aesthetic

  2. Gameplay code 

  3. User Interface

For my role in this team as a developer, I primarily worked with Xcode and Objective C. The application can operate on most iOS devices, and it is optimized for the iPhone. All art assets are created by Chi Tran, as well as the game's soundtrack. 

Development/User Interface


The largest obstacle we faced when developing our game mechanics came down to three major things: animation, collision detection, and controlling the player boat. 

When faced with designing the UI from the bottom up, we were challenged with agreeing on a style that would best fit the animation capabilities of our code.

There were several iterations of our starting screen alone before a final design was settled upon. A number of factors played a part here -- things like what iOS device we would be utilizing (iPhone 8, X, XS), our creation of button styles, font selections, and spacing. The final result took the best parts of each previous iteration and combined them.

The gameplay mechanics include a functional spawner that generates randomized pixel assets that fall down the screen toward the user at a set speed. Thematically, the assets are "trash" that the user's boat needs to avoid. The user has a set number of lives before the game ends.