An indie-game inspired by an exploration of the Unity engine.   


A demonstration of skills mastered in the
Unity engine, RetroMetro was designed as
a2D platformer with an emphasized usage
of momentum as a mechanic.


Alan Xu                          Developer
Cynthia Sanchez           Asset Designer

Yuyu Dai                        Sound Designer




The initial concept of this game was derived from a one-word theme: Retrofuturism.

Our team was faced with the challenge of creating a game within the Unity engine that provided a solid functioning game mechanic to drive the majority of gameplay. In order to achieve this, our team created multiple iterations of a platformer until we settled on a 2D sprite based environment. The focus of our mechanic was reflective of the theme. In a retrofuturstic city, our main character utilizes a grapple hook to traverse the territory. In addition to a physics - enabled grapple hook, basic functions such as walking, jumping, and running were also implemented. These mechanics would later serve as the basis for the majority of our level design. The scripts written for the mechanics in the game are in C#. The majority of the game's graphics, illustrations, and art assets were designed by Cynthia S., and the music provided by Yuyu Dai. 



A few key elements to this game my team had in mind from the beginning:

  1. Functional grapple mechanic in tandem with player movement

  2. At least 3 playable levels with a complete base UI

  3. Animations

In it's current state, RetroMetro has hit all our goals. A fully playable version of the game may be found here:



Trailer: https://youtu.be/WYtxf7VlyNo