Conceptual mobile application that combines augmented reality with art.  


Developed from a speculative concept of utilizing augmented reality to portray public art installations. The application was developed within Xcode in objective C.


Alan Xu                           Developer
Max Tan                          UX Designer

Chi Tran                          Creative Director
Madeleine Pelson          UI Designer
Jannie Phan                    Visual Designer



(ar)t is an augmented reality app that presents visually engaging art and socially stimulating installations through augmented reality in public spaces. Our team's direction came from viewing this experience as a mobile contemporary art gallery. My primary part in the development of this application was through iOS's Scenekit and ARkit. While the application operates on the majority of iOS devices, (ar)t was specifically designed for usage with a tablet. The artwork provided for the app itself was done by Madeleine Pelson and Jannie Phan. Inspirations for the design process came from existing augmented reality exhibitions, such as Felice Groden's "Invasive Species." The majority of developmental research went into fiducial markers and AR/environment interaction.



Our team's focus revolved around creating an app that could capture the creative meaning behind public art installations, and combine it with the advantages of a digital medium. Some of the key functions include:

  1. Being able to load and project two-dimensional images onto a surface in AR.

  2. Being able to display a 3D object(s) within an AR environment.

  3. Animating objects inside an AR environment.

Within Xcode, I used Objective C to integrate scenekit systems with hit detection for all 2D images provided by our designers. A three dimensional object was also created to take advantages of the freedom of movement an augmented reality setting can provide.